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Fuji apples ripen on our potted tree. Almost ready!

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Renewal

It’s hard to write about gardening with the news of the Las Vegas massacre and Tom Petty’s death, but here’s a little fall gardening sunshine to help soothe the soul. A new season brings new life. Let’s celebrate what we can, and grow a better world together.

Jarrahdale Pumpkin wordless wednesday
Jarrahdale pumpkins are supposed to be blue. It started out that way, but then turned orange as we waited for the foliage to die back.
Brassica seedlings wordless Wednesday
Kale of all sorts grow under grow lights for 16 hours per day.
Celariac sprouts wordless Wednesday
Celeriac and parsley take a long time to sprout, but diligence pays off.
Honey harvesting wordless wednesday
We use the crush and strain method for harvesting honey. Bees draw fresh comb for a clean start.
honey harvesting tools wordless wednesday
Bees clean up the tools after harvesting. They’ll take all the honey residue and wax back to the hive.
Loquat flowering wordless wednesday
A bee inspects our loquat tree for pollen and nectar.
Watermelons wordless wednesday
Two watermelon varieties grow side by side. We use Squirrel Stopper to keep critters from eating them.
dry beans wordless wednesday
Beefy Resilient Grex Beans dry out for harvest. Once done, we’ll plant garlic, parsnips and carrots.
Fuji apple wordless wednesday
Fuji apples ripen on our potted tree. Almost ready!

On days when it feels like the world should stop turning, we can be grateful that nature has our back. She goes on when we can’t.

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