You are currently viewing YouTube: Shelling Peas – Grow, Harvest, Store

YouTube: Shelling Peas – Grow, Harvest, Store

Our latest YouTube video shows you everything you need to know about shelling peas — how to grow, harvest, and store them for later use. Whether you are harvesting them now from your winter garden, or planning to grow them this spring, peas are a great addition to any cool-season garden.

Shelling Peas – Grow, Harvest, Store

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Pea flowers - shelling peas
Peas just starting to flower. They have nearly reached the top of their trellis, and and require sturdy support.

Are you looking for the varieties we mentioned in the video? Check these out:

MIGardener – Blue Shelling or Snow

Seed Savers ExchangeGreen Arrow Peas

Grow peas this spring if your last frost date is approaching. If you live in a coastal or warm-winter environment, tuck this info away for fall, when peas grow much better. Give them a sturdy trellis, plant them deep, water them well, and watch them climb. They’re so delicious, they don’t make it back to the house. They are the garden snack food, meant to be eaten while gardening.

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