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Podcast: Healthy Gardens with Mary-Kate Mackey

This week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast we explore what makes a healthy garden with Mary-Kate Mackey. Her new book, co-authored with Kathleen N. Brenzel, The Healthy Garden: Simple Steps for a Greener World, offers tips we can implement for more wildlife, abundance, and personal health.

Mary-Kate is a prolific writer, speaker, and teacher, whose work has appeared in numerous garden publications. Mary-Kate has spoken at most of the major garden shows around the country. And she shares her knowledge in articles for Hartley Botanic Magazine.

Mary-Kate Mackey
Mary-Kate Mackey is co-author of The Healthy Garden

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The Healthy Garden
The book is divided into three sections: Healthy Garden, Healthy You, and Healthy Planet.

Resources for Mary-Kate Mackey

Visit Mary-Kate’s website here

Follow her on Facebook & Twitter

Get a copy of The Healthy Garden anywhere books are sold and direct from the publisher at Abrams

Need writing help? Check out Mary-Kate’s book on the subject

Got a greenhouse – use her tips for keeping insects at bay: sticky tape and mosquito dunks are part of that

The book includes tips from nearly 20 experts including Abra Lee, Joe Lamp’l, and Teresa Speight

Gathering of the Gardeners
Experts share their tips for each of the three sections of the book.

Enjoy these images from Mary-Kate’s own garden, before and the glorious after:

And last but not least – keep an eye on our Instagram feed for a Giveaway of The Healthy Garden this week!

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