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Snow peas make a pretty show in the harvest basket. These are a mix from the Row 7 Seed collection.

Wordless Wednesday: Early Spring Delights

Early spring is in full force here at Gardenerd HQ, much to our delight. For those still covered in snow, may this week’s eye candy inspire your indoor seed-starting adventures, for your own spring coming soon. For those in warm-winter climates, start your engines! It’s time to plant.

Out With the Old

bolting kale
Our kale has bolted after 4 months of service. Time for something new. We leave the flowers for the pollinators.
Allium blossom
Green onions bolt to seed. We’ll collect the seeds and resow for spring.
purple shelling peas
Purple shelling peas from MIGardener climb their trellis and touch the sky. We shell peas while watching movies around here.
Savoy cabbage
Savoy cabbage is ready to harvest. It’s one that survived the rat and gopher attack.

In With the New

Loquat tree ripening
The loquats are nearly ready to pick. We tasted one and it was delicious.
Some mystery angelica we planted and forgot about is finally flowering after a year of just sitting there. They are biennial, and this variety is supposed to be non-invasive.
tomato sprouts
Tomatoes sprout under grow lights. We’ll thin these and pot them up in another week or so.
Nectarine blossom
The Snow Queen nectarine tree is waking up with beautiful blossoms.
wisteria flowering
The fragrance coming off these wisteria lets us know that spring has arrived in Los Angeles.
Blood orange blossoms
Blood orange blossoms are bustin’ out. It’s time to feed all the fruit trees when this happens.

Whatever your timing this spring, make the most of it and enjoy the garden as spring unfolds. And if you’re still stuck indoors, I’ll bet Garden Variety will get you through the rest of winter. Need help getting started with fruit trees? Get Grow Your Own Mini Fruit Garden. It’s a best seller, according to the publisher. And if you’re growing veggies this spring, Gardening For Geeks is here to help. Happy gardening!

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