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YouTube: Stink Bug Solution

We’ve got a stink bug problem of the Bagrada kind all over our brassicaceae plants. Arugula, kale, radish greens and other members of the mustard family have yellow stippling, a clear sign that stink bugs have been hard at work.

In our latest YouTube video you’ll find a nifty way to deal with them when bug spray doesn’t work (because Bagrada bugs are immune to organic insect spray). Watch how quickly this solution brings populations down to a manageable level.

Stink Bug Solution

With a few items you can capture hundreds at once and reduce the population in a few days.

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Find the buckets we use in the video here and here.

Learn more about Bagrada bugs in this article.

Wordless Wednesday arugula flowers
We leave arugula growing in the summer garden as a trap crop. The video shows how to use trap crops to your advantage.

Do you have stink bugs (of any kind) wreaking havoc on your plants? Post it in the comments below. Try this trick and let us know how it goes for you.

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