You are currently viewing YouTube: 5 Vegetable Gardening Tips for 2022

YouTube: 5 Vegetable Gardening Tips for 2022

As we dive into 2022, our first video of the year offers 5 vegetable gardening tips. Even if you’ve heard them before, now is a good time to refresh and reaffirm our commitment to gardening for the new year.

Christy shares her top tips that will help you garden more successfully this year. What are your big plans, gardenerds? We can help along the way.

5 Vegetable Gardening Tips for 2022


If you’re looking for help with these tips, check out these resources:

New Variety – visit our archives to find varieties that are new to you here (scroll down to #3) and here (for kale) or here (for basil)

Succession Planting – divide a space into square feet and plant the first square foot. Then come back next week and plant the next, and so on. Or plant seedlings of different ages from the nursery – one older, one newer, one baby. OR, sow seeds for something quick, like the video mentions, and follow it with something that takes longer when it’s finished.

Grow Something Native – find your native plant society (ours is Theodore Payne Foundation) to see what grows best in your climate / hardiness zone.

Feed the Soil – make compost, brew compost tea, start a worm bin. All will benefit your soil and plants.

Tomato Hornworms – are black light reactive. An oldie but goodie. Learn more about that here.

Here’s to a better 2022 for everyone! Happy gardening.

Fragaria chiloensis awaits planting next to newly planted limonium californica and year-old verbena liliacina.

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