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YouTube: Favorite Basil Varieties

Much like our recent lettuce video, we took to YouTube to share our Favorite Basil Varieties. Each year we grow at least 8 different types and you can do. Just want this video and jot down the names of these beautiful, leafy green herbs.

Why are they our favorites? Not all of them grow well for us every time, but they have shown themselves to be fun and interesting to grow. And of course, delicious! Let’s celebrate the summer of basil together.

Favorite Basil Varieties


For some of the basil varieties mentioned in the video, scroll through this blog post.

The seed companies referenced in the video include:

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company – they have tons of great seeds, including some unusual basils

High Mowing Seed Company – tried and true seed supplier

Renee’s Garden Seeds – sooo many nifty exclusive seeds here

MIGardener – interesting varieties worth a try

Native Seed/SEARCH

Basil wordless wednesday
The homegrown basil is doing well at the Gardenerd Test Garden. But our community garden plot failed to produce almost entirely.

Find a few new favorites to plant this summer or make your list of seeds to purchase for next spring. Either way you’re in for a treat. Enjoy basil and all the flavor it provides.

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