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John Jeavons is creator of GROW BIOINTENSIVE mini-farming system.

Podcast: Grow BioIntensive with John Jeavons

While planning my trip to the Heirloom Expo I contacted some of the world’s top garden experts for interviews, and when John Jeavons of GROW BIOINTENSIVE responded to my email inquiry with a date and time to meet, I jumped out of my chair. What luck!

John Jeavons has more than 50 years of data and research in his head, and he shared it all with me in our latest podcast. You can imagine it’s hard to distill years of info into a 20-minute podcast, so we didn’t try. It’s 50 minutes (after editing) and is stuffed with tips and tricks for a more productive, healthier garden.

John Jeavons Photo
John Jeavons is creator of GROW BIOINTENSIVE mini-farming system.


We cover the 8 principles of GROW BIOINTENSIVE, the crisis of dwindling farmable land, double digging vs. no-till, and much more.

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Here are some of the resources Jeavons shared on the podcast:

How to Grow More Vegetables…– John’s detailed tome about his closed-loop mini-farming system.

Sand Hill Sweet Potatoes – carries over 200 varieties of organic sweet potato slips (they don’t ship to California, BTW) including early season varieties that are ready to harvest in 3 months.

German Porcelain Garlic – one of the crops John talks about in the interview.

Bountiful Gardens Resource Page – Bountiful Gardens is no more, but the legacy continues. This link shows their recommended resources, including the original source for tree collards.


Click the link below for access to videos.

You can watch the introductory videos to see GROW BIOINTENSIVE in action. Click here for access. 

Grow BioIntensive is a rabbit hole of information. Go down that hole for a more efficient, resilient and regenerative garden.

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  1. Chapdelaine

    Bonjour, savez vous où je pourrai me procurer le livre de John jeavons en français. Merci ci par avance.

  2. Andy

    Hi Christy,

    Just an FYI that your list two podcasts havent made it onto Stitcher.

    Thanks for the great material, i really enjoy your podcast and videos.


    1. Christy

      Woah, thanks for letting us know. We’ll get on that right away.

  3. Misti

    Ohmygosh, what an *intense* interview! I’m going to have to listen at least once more to even be able to digest all of the wisdom he shared. What a fantastic interview!

    1. Christy

      No kidding, Misti! I debated posting the interview in 2 parts since there is so much to digest. But in the end I figured gardenerds can handle it. 🙂

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