A Billion Acts of Green

A Billion Acts of Green – This Earth Day is another opportunity to step up, or step out of routine and find ways to reduce our impact on the planet.   Whether you are trying to reuse items, eliminate plastic bags from your life, recycle electronic waste, conserve water, or rally to change legislation, you can find an event in your area to support the cause.  A Billion Acts of Green is a listing of Earth Day events nationwide that can be found at the EarthDay.org website.  If you happen to be in Washington, DC, stop by the National Mall for the rally going on there.  Join a beach cleanup in Virginia, or help remove invasive plants in New Hampshire. Here is Los Angeles, you can walk or bike on the free Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase to learn how to get ideas for transforming your lawn into a drought tolerant landscape or vegetable garden.  Visit Topanga Earth Days for classes on sustainable living.  You can search for events by typing in your state or zip code in the right hand margin half-way down the page.  Earthday.org also has a footprint calculator. Take a few minutes to find out how many earths we would need to sustain our current lifestyles.  It’s pretty eye opening.  I need 3.3 apparently.  There’s always room for improvement.

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