You are currently viewing YouTube: How to Prune California Poppies

YouTube: How to Prune California Poppies

If you grew California poppies this year, chances are they’re starting to look a little sad. But fear not, Gardenerds, there is hope for a second or even third wave of blooms if you do one thing.

Our latest YouTube video shares how to prune CA poppies to they will regrow and bloom once more. Watch this quick lesson and bring your poppies back to life.

How to Prune California Poppies

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California Poppy
Poppies brighten your day and welcome pollinators.


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Are you in love with all things poppy? Check out Theodore Payne Foundation’s gift shop featuring all sorts of poppy-centered gifts. You’ll also find seeds for one of our favorites, the ‘Moonglow’ poppy. It’s cream-colored instead of orange. Yay!

Is it true that it’s illegal to pull California poppies? Let’s find out the answer here.

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