You are currently viewing YouTube: How to Save Onion Seeds

YouTube: How to Save Onion Seeds

Since onion seeds don’t stay viable as long as other seeds, it’s a good idea to learn how to save onion seeds from your garden for a continuous supply of fresh seeds. Our latest video shows you how.

Christy shares how green onions are the perfect starter allium to save. It’s easy – she walks you through from start to finish.

How to Save Onion Seeds

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Allium blossom
Green onions bolt to seed. We’ll collect the seeds and resow for spring.


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Learn how to store your seeds properly so you can make them last for years!

Oh, and let’s back up. Do you have trouble growing onions? Check out this video to get off to a good start with nursery seedlings.

Save other seeds too – celery, dill, cilantro, parsley and fennel seeds are easy! They are similar to onions – use this technique.

And yes, you can scatter green onion seeds anywhere you’d like them to grow. Plant them in between brassicas for the added benefit of pest control, or between squash plants that sprawl to utilize the same space for two crops. Just keep them away from peas and beans. They don’t get along.

Save onion seeds this summer for a fresh supply next season.

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