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YouTube: Choose The Right Onions by Day Length

Day Length matters. I see it all the time–nurseries carry Long Day onion seedlings in Short Day onion territory. What’s the difference? Our new YouTube video breaks it down. 

We’ll show you the difference between a Walla Walla and a Texas Early Grano. Once you know that, you’ll be able to choose the right onion for your region. 

Which onions are right for your growing region?

If your grow onions over winter, as we do most mild-winter climates, it’s especially important to know what onions are right for you. Why? Because Long Day onions won’t bulb up in Short Day regions over winter. Get the scoop on growing onions below.

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What is Day Length and why does it matter?


Find Short Day onions (sets and seeds) sold in places like Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, Baker Creek, and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Here are a few blog posts to support this video topic. Read up and get ready to plant your onions this fall in cool-winter climates.

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Harvesting Onions

Ask Gardenerd: How to Harvest and Store Onions

IF you want your onions to bulb up, grow the varieties with the right day length for your region.

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