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We've secured corn silks with a clothespin to prevent entry by corn worms. We'll see if this works.

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Garden Action

The garden is seeing a lot of action this summer. Winter squashes are setting fruit, corn is tasseling, and cucumbers are climbing trellises. The summer garden is ON, including the heat. Here’s some inspiration to keep you going this summer.

Wordless Wednesday Madama Marmanade Tomatomania
Madame Marmanade, the Tomatomania featured hybrid for 2018 is productive and happy.
Wordless Wednesday annelo beans
Annelo beans we picked up from the Seed Library of Los Angeles a couple years ago. Does anyone know anything about these beans? Post a comment below.
Wordless Wednesday tigerella
This Tigerella tomato was grown from 18-year-old seed. Want to learn how to store your seeds well? Watch this video.
Wordless Wednesday moon and stars watermelon
Moon and Stars Watermelon grows along side Baby Doll and Takai Jem melons. We’ll see which does best.
Wordless Wednesday Styrian Hulless Squash
Styrian Hulless squash is prolific. We’re growing it to press the seeds for the oil. Pumpkin oil here we come!
Wordless Wednesday corn worm protection
We’ve secured corn silks with a clothespin to prevent entry by corn worms. We’ll see if this works.
Wordless Wednesday lemon cucumber
Lemon Cucumbers light up the garden. They taste like regular cucumbers but are more interesting to look at.
Wordless Wednesday coriander
Cilantro becomes coriander if you let it go to seed. We’ll save these seeds for culinary use later on.
Wordless Wednesday Anaheim Pepper
Anaheim peppers are growing as the weather heats up.
Wordless Wednesday artichoke flower
Artichoke flowers are beautiful in a hot summer garden.
Wordless Wednesday sunflower
Our sunflowers are just starting to open. We’ve only had success growing them in a raised bed with protection. This year it worked!

Water your plants early in the morning or after the heat of the sun has past in the afternoon. Soak roots deeply and use mulch everywhere. Your plants will reward you in return. Enjoy your summer garden and stay cool!

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