You are currently viewing YouTube: Best Trick for Planting Nursery Onion Seedlings

YouTube: Best Trick for Planting Nursery Onion Seedlings

As a gardening coach and teacher, I see one common mistake that new gardeners make (and even some veteran gardeners) when planting onion seedlings from the nursery. This video gives you step-by-step instructions to avoid mistakes and grow onions successfully.

We don’t just leave you with one trick, we also show you how to plant onions and green onions using two different methods. Watch and learn (or refresh) before you plant onions this fall. And if you already planted, there may still be time to correct any mistakes.

Watch How to Transplant Onion Seedlings Here

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Harvesting Onions

How to Harvest and Store Red Onions

Texas Early Grano, Red Creole and Italian Cippolini onion seedlings are ready to be transplanted. We start them from seed, then prick them out for transplanting.

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  1. Shawn A Kelly

    I want to thank you for your video on planting onion seedlings. I have done that wrong in the past. And my garden center was of no help. But I wanted to give it one more try. So thank you very, very much!

    1. Christy

      You’re very welcome! Good luck with this year’s crop!

  2. Nippon

    Pleasure to go through such wonderful work!!

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