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Volunteer sunflowers with corn in the background.

Wordless Wednesday: Summer is On!

Summer is on at Gardenerd HQ, and hopefully in your garden too. Tomatoes, squash, peppers, corn, and beans are the tell-tale signs of summer. Those are taking off, while other parts of the garden are waning.

Flowers that bloomed through spring look tired, and many of the volunteers in the yard are setting seed. Here’s some eye candy to inspire your summer gardening. Relax and enjoy the process.

New Stuff for Summer

Our first dragon fruit flower of the season has appeared! Watch this video on how it grows from start to finish.
Second-year pepper, Chili Pie, returns for another productive year.
Jicama sprouted and is finally growing. It took its time emerging.

Getting On

We’ve tented our potted nectarine tree with our umbrella contraption and bird netting to keep all the fruit for ourselves. Learn more about it here.
Russian Queen tomatoes are still green, but developing stripes.
Blackberries are ripening. Don’t pick them until they’re really soft. Firmness determines tartness.
The bees are busy bringing in pollen and nectar.
Lime geranium smells great and flowers beautifully. The bees don’t like us to prune it. It smells like the queen so they don’t like when we mess with it.

Finishing Up

The tree kale is sending out seeds. The goal is to harvest them before the birds eat them all. Learn more about tree kale here.
Cilantro seeds (coriander) in the green stage. Save seeds for free. Learn more here.

Coming Back

Container mint came back like crazy after we revitalized the pot.
The potted artichoke came back to life after we replanted it in new soil. Watch how we did it.
Mittens oversees her kingdom from above the blooming trumpet vine.

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