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Green onion seeds are fresh and ready to harvest for succession planting.

Wordless Wednesday: Spring is Late!

With all the rain this season, spring is late. So fear not, fair gardenerd, you aren’t behind schedule. Everything is behind schedule this year! Here is some inspiration for your spring garden planning and planting, no matter when you get to it.


Tomatoes growing through their cage (our tomato crib) at Gardenerd HQ
Strawberries are ripening (these aren’t ready yet) under protective netting.
Blackberries have set fruit. We can’t wait for them to ripen.

New Life! Better Late Than Never

Stowell’s Evergreen sweet corn poked up under floating row cover protection. We’ll remove the cover once they all sprout.
Carolina Sieva lima beans are sprouted near their trellis. Best bean ever!
Lettuces sprouting under summer-weight floating row cover. We protect the seeds until they sprout (and it keeps the cat from using the bed as a litter box).

Joy and Flowers

Our first Love-in-a-mist opened up this morning. They’re usually finished flowering by this time of year.
Comfrey is flowering after a long cool winter and spring.
Volunteer sunflowers continue to shine and bring joy.
Yellow loquats bring cheer to any garden (it’s a sub-tropical, so zone 9-10 is best). We try to pick them before the squirrels do. Learn more about loquats here.

Spring is late, not you! Let’s catch up together and get planting.

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