Growing Tomatoes in Florida

A Florida gardenerd wrote in recently:

“I live in Orlando, Florida and I know that every place has its season to grow vegetables. I am interested in growing tomatoes and green peppers to start. Don’t know anything about it, and want
to know how to grow them organically. Thank you for your help.”

You’re smack in the middle of the ever changing Zone 9 over there in Orlando.  According to several sources, that area has been shifting between zone 10, 9a, and 9b for the last 50
years.   Sandy soil, tropical heat and sudden frosts, right?

I did some research and …

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Ask Gardenerd: Pruning Tomatoes

Summer is the perfect time for this question from Jeff Bremer: "Hi Christy, What's your opinion on pinching-off the "branches" that sprout out of tomato plants? Some of my friends…

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Pruning Tomatoes

Today we have a guest post from James White, a self-described kombucha tea-sipping blogger who focuses on green building and sustainable living via his family blog Homey Improvements. He's offering advice…

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03-19-15 Growing into Spring

In this issue: March in the Garden Spring Planting Guide Gardenerd Tip of the Month: Nature Abhors Bare Soil Gardenerd Product of the Month: New Organic T-shirts   1. March…

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