You are currently viewing YouTube: TomatoMania 2022 Tour

YouTube: TomatoMania 2022 Tour

It’s tomato planting time in warm-winter climates, so our latest video takes you on a tour of TomatoMania 2022. Find out what is the tomato of the year, and what other interesting varieties you could include in your tomato patch this season.

We also glean a few great tomato growing tips from Scott Daigre, the co-founder of TomatoMania. Watch our tour and learn a thing or two.

TomatoMania Tour 2022

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Tomato harvest
A rainbow of tomatoes graces our kitchen counter.


Angelinos, find a TomatoMania event near you here

Bronze Torchthe 2022 Tomato of the Year from Johnny’s Seeds

Other interesting varieties to try:

Cherries: Gardener’s Delight, Sunchocola, Brad’s Atomic Grape, Chocolate Sprinkles, Barry’s Crazy Cherry, Yellow Pear.

Others: Lava Flow, Madame Marmande (she pronounced it wrong in the video), Missouri Pink, Mr. Stripey,

Gargamel, Gladiator, Goat Bag, Big Rainbow, Black & Brown Boar (she said Bear), Captain Lucky, Casady’s Folly, Berkeley Tie-Dye.

Want to see a past TomatoMania Tour? Watch here.

Need help growing tomatoes this year? Check out our helpful guides in the search results at here. Plant in the ground or in containers (take Scott’s advice when you do!). Just grow something. Even one plant will bring you joy this spring and summer. Tuck in a little basil to go with it, and you’re all set for Caprese salads and sandwiches all season long. Let’s get growing!

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