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Winter lettuce patch is going strong. Time to sow new seeds for the spring round of salads.

YouTube: How To Harvest Leafy Greens

How to harvest leafy greens? Our latest YouTube video answers this basic question. These factory vegetables, as we like to call them, will keep producing in your garden beds for months if you know how to harvest them properly.

No need to plant more lettuces – just keep your existing plants going for up to 3 months before it’s time to harvest the whole plant. How does that work? We explain in this video.

How to Harvest Leafy Greens – Factory Vegetables for Your Garden


Looking for interesting lettuce varieties to grow this season? Check out our favorites.

Leafy greens don’t do well in heat, protect your salad garden with the tricks from this video.

Don’t think you have room? Try interplanting leafy greens between larger crops. They’ll get some shade as things heat up.

Companion planting lettuces alyssum
Lettuces and alyssum make great companion plants

A comment on YouTube requested to know which variety was bolting to seed. It’s Forellenschluss, one of our favorites!

Whether you’re just planting lettuces now, or still harvesting your winter crop of Swiss chard, be sure to include leafy greens in your factory garden. These plants will keep growing, and will keep you eating healthy until the weather gets too hot. They tuck in a few more plants under the canopy of something taller – like behind your cucumbers, tomatoes, or pole beans. They will thrive with a little shade.

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