You are currently viewing YouTube: Pruning Citrus Trees – How, When, and Why

YouTube: Pruning Citrus Trees – How, When, and Why

We hear from a lot of gardenerds asking, “when is the best time for pruning citrus trees?” Well, we share the answer and so much more in our latest YouTube video on pruning citrus.

Citrus is one of the less-fussy fruit trees to prune. It’s hard to screw it up, but just in case you’re still nervous about it, watch this video:

Pruning Citrus Trees – How, When, and Why


Watch our original video on fruit tree pruning here for more info about Reduction and Removal cuts.

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Navel orange, one of the best reasons to learn how to prune citrus trees.

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  1. Lorna Smith

    Thanks for the tutorial but I am elderly and retired with hands not much good anymore!! Ttree is too tall but hope to find someone to do it for me😊🍋

    1. Christy

      Hi Lorna, there are a lot of skilled arborists out there who would be happy to do the pruning for you. They care about trees and their well being. Look for an arborist in your area and call a few to ask for a quote.

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