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Brijette Peña is our guest this week on the GTOTW Podcast.

Podcast: Locally Adapted Seeds with Brijette Peña

Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Brijette Peña of San Diego Seed Company. Brijette and her team produce organic, locally adapted seeds for growers in Southern California and the American Southwest.

We chat about her passion for seeds, and her work to educate gardeners about growing with local seed sources. She also shares her tips for saving seeds at home.

Brijette on the farm in San Deigo

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Varieties mentioned in our conversation:

  • Dwarf tomatoes – find varieties that grow in compact spaces but produce well, including Franklin County, Snakebite, Rosella Purple, and Chocolate Lightning.
  • Unique varieties – not available everywhere. Pick up a few to try at home.

Watch our video on the easiest seeds to save at home.

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