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Dr. Mercola's Sprout Doctor Sprouting Kit. Get 3 with our giveaway!

Giveaway: Sprouting Seeds for Greens All Winter

It’s holiday time, which means thoughtful gifts and good cheer with loved ones. It also means, for many people, a winter without fresh greens in the garden. Thankfully, we can sprout seeds indoors for snipping into salads, soups and more all winter long.

Our regular readers may recall that we attempted to sprout seeds in a Mason jar not too long ago. It was a lot of work for a few dollars-worth of sprouts. If only it were easier…

fenugreek sprouts

Imagine our delight when the folks at approached us to do a giveaway for their Sprouting Seeds and Sprout Doctor Kit this week. Just the IDEA that sprouting could be less of a hassle made us want to partner up. Of course, we need to state publicly that, as with everything that Gardenerd promotes, we receive no monetary compensation for doing this and opinions expressed here are strictly our own. We’re just spreading the good news.

What You Get

Dr. Mercola's Sprout Doctor Sprouting Kit. Get 3 with our giveaway!
Dr. Mercola’s Sprout Doctor Sprouting Kit. Get 3 with our giveaway!

The giveaway package is generous, to say the least. It includes the following:

  • 4 bags of Broccoli Sprouts
  • 3 bags of Pea Shoots
  • 3 bags of Sunflower Shoots
  • 3 Sprouting Tray Tops (slotted for drainage)
  • 3 Sprouting Tray Bottoms (water reservoir)
  • 3 Sprout Doctor Soil Enhancement

The broccoli, pea and sunflower seeds come from High Mowing Organic Seeds, so you know they are good quality, organic seeds. The Soil Enhancement is made with organic compost, worm castings, organic kelp meal and biochar. All good things for your garden!

The two-level trays make it easy to grow sprouts so you don’t have to rinse them 3-4 times per day. You’re growing in a soil medium and the water is in the reservoir below. Just like growing seedlings you would raise for the garden, but you’ll be harvesting them in the sprout stage indoors this winter. Yummy!

You can add sprouts to smoothies, juice them along with other greens and fruits, or just throw them on top of your dinner. It couldn’t be easier with this setup…really, trust us on this one.

How to Win

To enter the giveaway, post a comment below by Dec. 17, 2014, sharing how you like to use sprouts. One lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced in the Gardenerd weekly update on Dec. 18, 2014. Good luck!

This Post Has 43 Comments

  1. Cosette

    I love using sprouts in a vegetarian stir fry 🙂 yum yum

  2. Peggy

    very interested in sprouts for winter gardening and nutritious salads and sandwiches – would love to try these products!

  3. Jaclyn Reynolds

    What a wonderful prize! I use sprouts in salads.

  4. Swire Ho

    I like to sprout my food and watch it grow.

  5. Andrea Dowdell

    I love to eat sprouts mostly in salads but have used them on sandwiches, too. What a generous giveaway!

  6. Solducky

    I love them on pita sandwiches.

  7. nina

    I like to eat sprouts on alot of things and to just eat them alone but most importantly I am giving to mother nature

  8. Claudia Chavez

    I love eating sprouts in my sandwhiches! Even my son likes eating sprouts on his sandwhiches.

  9. Carole Coates

    I use sprouts on salads and sandwiches. Last summer we grew a batch when the grandkids were here so they could see the progress. Look forward to trying them in smoothies.

  10. Marie Steckmest

    I enjoy using sprouts in sandwiches and salads, however I’d use the sprout kit with the students at Marquez Charter to show them how to grow, and then eat them!

  11. Stella.

    Sprouts are fantastic in just about anything. Salad, sandwiches and side dishes. It would be great to trade my mason jars for this wonderful kit.

  12. Audrey Bishop

    I would like to grow sprouts with my grandkids. Our children need all the help we can give them to eat healthy.

  13. Donna Uyeno

    I like sprouts on sandwiches and feed them to my chickens.

  14. Chris Maercklein

    I’d set it up at work so I could add to my lunch. The donkey chia pet would have to go, but it’d be well worth it!

  15. claire tehan

    I would like to give the kit to my daughter who lives in a tiny apartment and manages to grow organic tomatoes on her balcony, “raids” our organic vegetable garden regularly, but would so enjoy growing these sprouts herself to put on sandwiches, salads, and smoothies.

  16. Cheri

    I would use them in salads and on sandwiches.

  17. Barbara

    Love sprouts on sandwiches and salads. Would love to win this!

  18. Dolly

    I love sprouts on a beet and cheese sandwich, and as salad toppers.

  19. one of God's

    Salads, sandwiches, and stir-fries are places I often use sprouts, but could easily expand to casserole and soups. Thanks for this opportunity.

  20. Athena Demos

    Im all about trying new things. Sprouts on salads and sandwiches are a given, but adding them to appetizers or other finger foods is fun too. Make them look like a little garden in every bite. They will be great in soups and stews or mixed with fresh eggs for a lovely scramble. And then I will just eat them for a snack like the jolly green giant.

  21. Marie

    I’ve been wanting to start growing sprouts for some time now. I would like to grow my own to feed my chickens, duck and also me and my hubby!

  22. PeteO

    Up here In Wisconsin the only fresh greens you really get are what you grow yourself inside. I have a little kale going and hope to start some spinach soon. have a very merry Christmas.

  23. Mary

    I want to learn how to safely and easily grow sprouts.

  24. W Jay Moore

    Sprouts, Sprouts, Sprouts. Yummy in my tummy.

    Making stuff at home is fun and a great way to eat healthy.

  25. Henry Martin

    I eat sprouts, apples, etc. for comfort food and have done away with those bags of chips. Makes you feel better too.

  26. Michelle H

    I have never used sprouts but I’ve been reading out the benefits and want to begin to use them.

    What a great opportunity to try!

  27. anne

    I like them straight from the jar/growing tray, but I also like them in smoothies, and to add a little crunch in cucumber/avocado roll-ups…

  28. Micki

    I love, love, love sprouts on my sandwich, in my salads and love to put them into my soups just before it is done. They are super tasty and healthy. Thanks for the opportunity to win some and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  29. Joel Lippert

    It’s fun to have the kids watch the seeds grow, and then harvest them often for fresh, home-grown edibles, year-round!

  30. debbie

    Hi I would love to learn how to grow the sprouts,the kit would be helpful. I would eat them in sandwiches, an put in my juicing. Also I would give to the homeless to eat. Thank you

  31. Jennifer Tan

    Sprouts are so wonderful for juicing and green smoothies! We also love adding to salads and veggie tacos. Lovely giveaway!

  32. Daniel Hayes

    I try to use sprouts on sandwiches and salads.

  33. Susan

    We enjoy them by the handful. And, we feed them to our chickens. A win-win for sure.

  34. Pam

    I love them in salads and smoothies but my daughter eats them by the handful.

  35. Elena Williams

    I put sprouts on any winter salad to jazz it up! My salads have been looking ugly recently.

  36. Gwen Gray

    I enjoy sprouts on sandwiches and in salads; I grow oat and wheat grass for our kitty. I have also added wfeat and oat grass sprouts to my smoothies.

  37. Mel Olson

    I like to eat sprouts of all kinds and the kit would help me grow my own.

  38. Veronica Flores

    I love using them as a finishing component on appetizers or cheese plates to balance the other flavors and textures out 🙂

  39. modern mia

    I want to try sprouts on salads and sandwiches. Maybe if I sneak some into the kids’ lunch wraps, they’ll like them, too.

  40. Marie Bonham - Avila

    I like to put sprouts on my sandwiches, my 3 year old really likes them that way. I also add them into the veggie puree that I make for my 9 month old. For myself I throw them into the juicer with some kale, wheatgrass and aloe. This is a very nice GIVEAWAY. Tnx for the opportunity!

  41. Robin Benson

    What a great way to learn and get results!

  42. Maurine Dodge

    I would like to win this to send as a gift to a vegan friend of mine in NY state.

  43. Shannon Campau

    I use sprouts on salads, in smoothies and juicing. Yummy! 🙂

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