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Ask Gardenerd: Citrus Fruit Tree Care

The questions keep flowing in this time of year. Here’s the latest from Jim: “How much water and fertilizer do I need for 2 y o blood orange tree. And do those minimums change in hot or cold weather? My … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season for Citrus

There’s something special about sneaking outside in your bathrobe into the crisp, cool, fall air to pick a citrus breakfast off a tree: a fresh orange dripping with new fallen rain. December is when navel oranges really hits their stride, … Continue reading

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How to Do a Home Soil Test for Citrus

Growing up, my parents had orange trees and stone fruit trees that I swear were planted in unamended clay soil and were never – ever – fertilized.
They thrived. My three citrus trees, on the other hand, which were planted with good drainage, plenty of compost and lots of care, are sad, sad, and more sad. What gives?

Our top New Years’ Resolution was to figure out what was wrong with our …
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