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YouTube: Potatoes Vs. Sweet Potatoes

I often find myself explaining the difference between potatoes vs. sweet potatoes: their growth habit, when they grow, how to harvest them. It seemed only fitting to do a video about it.

Did you know that potatoes and sweet potatoes aren’t in the same plant family? Not only that, but they have a completely different growth habit. One has edible leaves, the other doesn’t. And that’s just the beginning! Watch our latest video and find out more.

Potatoes Vs. Sweet Potatoes


Find out more about how to plant potatoes in our two part video: Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

If you plan to grow potatoes this fall, and haven’t sprouted your seed potatoes yet, learn how to do it in this blog post. Potatoes can take weeks to sprout, so plan ahead. Or just plant those skanky potatoes in your pantry. They aren’t certified disease free but they’ll work in a pinch.

Read up on how to grow sweet potatoes from slips here.

All-blue, russet and red potatoes are jewels from the garden.
Wordless Wednesday Sweet Potatoes
Last year’s harvest of volunteer sweet potatoes

Now that you know the difference between potatoes vs. sweet potatoes, get out there and grow them! Well, grow potatoes this fall, then grow sweet potatoes (and potatoes) in spring. I promise you’ll enjoy these gems from the garden.

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