You are currently viewing YouTube: Growing Shallots and Garlic – Selection to Harvest

YouTube: Growing Shallots and Garlic – Selection to Harvest

Fall means it’s time to talk about growing shallots and garlic. In many places, these alliums are planted in fall before the ground freezes over (if that happens where you live) and they emerge in spring. But in warm-winter climates, we plant now and they grow over winter.

Growing shallots and garlic is easy. Plan to plant your year’s supply all at once, then when harvest time comes in 5 to 6 months, you’ll have tasty results. This video walks you through the process. 

Growing Shallots and Garlic


In the video we announced Christy’s upcoming new book Grow Your Own Mini Fruit Garden, which is available for pre-order now.

Need help growing garlic? Read up here.

Want more info on growing shallots? This blog post will help.

We got our Kettle River Giant garlic (a softneck variety) at Filaree Garlic Farm

And here’s a little info on harvesting, when the time comes:

Harvesting Garlic

Harvesting Shallots – scroll to the bottom of the post

Growing garlic and shallots is easy
Garlic, onions, shallots, leeks and green onions all go together.

Follow these quick tips for a successful garlic and shallot season. You’ll find that homegrown alliums are delicious fresh (as young green garlic or green shallots) or cured. So whether you succeed or not, you’ll have something tasty to show for it.

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