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Make strawberries productive again!

YouTube: How to Make Strawberries Productive Again

As spring draws near, it’s time to make strawberries productive again. Our latest YouTube video shows you our step-by-step process for revitalizing an old strawberry bed.

Instead of buying new plants, make the plants you have like new again. Christy shows you how we do it here at Gardenerd HQ.

How to Make Strawberries Productive Again

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Strawberries Wordless Wednesday
Time to pick everybearing strawberries (and clean up the dead leaves.


Tree roots – If you find roots in your strawberry bed like we did, watch this video for how to get them out.

Need new plants? – if your old plants are a no-go, start fresh with bare root crowns. Less expensive and easy to plant. Read here how to plant them.

To tempt you further, check out this recipe for gluten-free strawberry cobbler.

We also protect our plants with bird netting so rats, squirrels and other critters don’t get through. Use deer fencing if they eat their way through that. It’s easy to install. Just drill screws around the outside base of your raised bed and hook the netting onto the screws. Unhook to access the plants and to harvest.

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  1. Marylou Gilbert

    Hi! love all your videos… this one in particular reminded me of an issue I grapple with (cuz Mittens came into view 🙂 – I don’t have a cat, my neighbors however do and they tend to use my raised garden bed as a litter box (!) I saw briefly you had a screen of some sort on the raised bed, is this for…rats? cats? critters in general?.. thoughts and suggestions welcome! (By the way, I have a vegtrug and did buy a ‘cover’ but it is cumbersome and maybe not such a great idea after all. Hmmm.)

    1. Christy

      Thanks, Marylou! The screen you saw on the strawberry bed is deer fencing. We used to use bird netting, but our squirrels and rats got aggressive, so we moved up to something thicker. We drilled wood screws into the outside corners of the raised beds to lock in the deer fencing and it keeps EVERYONE out! If you’re trying to retrain a cat, that will work, or you can try Cat Scat Mats. Those have worked for the clients I have given them to.

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