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The harvest basket is filled with lettuces, kale, radishes, herbs like dill, cilantro and arugula.

Wordless Wednesday: This is Winter

This is winter at Gardenerd HQ. I’ve always said that our winter in SoCal is everyone else’s spring. By the time last frost rolls around for most gardeners, we’re already planting hot-weather crops. Here’s some eye candy to get you through until your last frost.

Fruit Tree Activity

Our first apple blossom…in February.
Loquats are growing in size.
Our pomegranate is leafing out. A sure sign of spring.

On the Homestead

The bees are all over the manzanita flowers these days.

In the Gardens

Purple shelling peas are just starting to appear.
Volunteer sunflowers that we transplanted into a raised bed are taking off.
Runaway Rosalind broccoli. We didn’t get to it before it started to open. Still edible though.
Oops, the radish that got away. Purple plum radishes are supposed to be a lot smaller. Regular sized radish for comparison.

Whether your garden is still covered in snow or bursting at the seams, enjoy this transition time from winter to spring. The wait is worth it, and the rewards are plentiful. Plan or plant something today!

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