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Best Seeds to Save for Beginners

YouTube: Best Seeds to Save – Seed Saving for Beginners

“What are the best seeds to save for beginners?” asked one of our YouTube subscribers. Seed saving is a huge topic, and it can be overwhelming. So we were happy to do this video on Seed Saving for Beginners to narrow the search to just a few types of plants from which to save seeds.

If you’re new to seed-saving, this video will get you started. You’ll learn important distinctions between the types of seeds that are best to save, and those that won’t really work. Christy also shares hands-on seed-saving tips. 

Best Seeds to Save for Beginners

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Wordless Wednesday coriander
Cilantro becomes coriander. Just let it go to seed. We’ll collect these seeds for kitchen use when they dry.


Other things mentioned in the video include:

How to Save Tomato Seeds – Not So Terrifying – while it seems intimidating, add tomato seeds to your list of easy seeds to save for beginners.

Processing Dry Beans for Storage – this other YouTube video covers winnowing, a seed cleaning technique you’ll need to know if you want to save seeds.

Saving Dill and Celery Seeds both of these are Umbels so they are easy to save. Watch this video on how we do it.

saving tomato seeds
Tomato seeds being soaked to remove the membrane around them.

We hope you enjoyed this video on Seed Saving for Beginners. Let your garden get a little ugly this summer. Save seeds, money, and your favorite varieties for next year. Each year, seeds adapt more to your climate and hardiness zone. They will perform better than seeds purchased from across the country.

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