You are currently viewing YouTube: Revitalizing, Re-Potting Edible Perennials

YouTube: Revitalizing, Re-Potting Edible Perennials

This week on the Gardenerd YouTube channel, we share tips for re-potting edible perennials like artichokes for continued success. Edible perennials outgrow their pots, or worse, get root bound and stop producing. Christy shares her process for revitalizing these plants to make them productive again.

Start with pots large enough to keep plants happy (at least 15-20″ in diameter), and choose tapers or straight pots rather than urn-style shapes. This makes it easier to replant after years of growth without damaging the plant or the pot. Watch for more details:

Revitalizing / Re-potting Edible Perennials

Learn how to repot perennials in containers for continued growth and productivity

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Winnetka Purple artichoke wordless wednesday
Winnetka Purple artichokes grown from seed. Maybe we’ll get seeds this year to return to the Seed Library of Los Angeles.


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