You are currently viewing YouTube: Fruit Tree Protection Experiment

YouTube: Fruit Tree Protection Experiment

Our latest video shares a fruit tree protection success story: we came up with a contraption that WORKED to protect our nectarine tree from squirrels through harvest day. Check out this temporary solution that you can implement—with a little creativity—for smaller fruit trees currently under attack.

The results are in. Learn more about our experiment with a 99% success rate. We’re excited to repeat and replicate these results on other fruit trees at Gardenerd HQ.

Fruit Tree Protection – Our Experiment & Success Story!

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Find more squirrel prevention techniques here: How to Keep Squirrels Out of the Garden

One more article that might help you: Ask Gardenerd: Squirrels Eating My Fruit!

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Nectarine Harvest - fruit tree experiment.
Snow Queen nectarines are safe and sound (and we ate half of them already). Our experiment worked!

Get creative and figure out what kind of contraption would work for your fruit trees. Maybe you can attach netting to a wall, then drape it across tall stakes topped with red Solo cups. Maybe your solution is an unused pergola. Look around to see what resources you can use to keep your fruit trees safe this summer.

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