Happy Earth Day

Every year on Earth Day, I try to be out in my garden for at least part of the day.  Today, I’m behind a desk, and my garden is calling me from afar.  What can you do from behind a desk on Earth Day?  Well, surf the net for Earth Day celebrations, environmental tips and other great information.

Both Google and Yahoo have featured Earth Day pages today:



There are also some other great environmental websites that draw attention to climate change all year round:


If you are able to get out and plant something, here are some good ways to spend your day:

Tree People

Earth Day Network

Today is officially the last day that plastic bags will be available for packing up your groceries at Whole Foods Markets.  So why not take this opportunity to stock up on canvas bags to keep in your car.  I would recommend the Gardenerd Tote Bag, which is perfect for grocery shopping and farmers market strolling:

Get your Gardenerd Tote Bag here!

Another great idea is to get connected to a seed exchange program.  Giving away seeds to others who can’t find what you grow is very satisfying.  So is finding a new variety that someone across the country wants to share.

http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/exchind/ – loads of different types of exchanges, from seeds to plants to books

Life gets hectic with jobs, families and just plain living.  I think one of the best things we can do on Earth Day is to step forward into the awareness – if only for a moment – that we do not live in a vacuum.  All of these community events listed above help bring that awareness to life.  Volunteering, reaching out, doing our part.  Earth is more than just a planet, it’s a planet of people.  The Gardenerd Community is here for you and me and all of us to get connected.  I look forward to doing more of that this year.

Got plans for Earth Day?  Post your Earth Day activities here.

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