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Little Potato cucumber from MIgardener is growing short and stout. Originally from India.

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Arrives

Summer Solstice is Saturday, June 20th. The longest day of the year and the official start of tomato season! As summer arrives, let’s celebrate with glamor shots of veggies and fruits with origins from around the world.

Are you enjoying your garden? Whether you’re just getting started, or are old hat at this game, gardening soothes the soul and makes the world a better place. Keep on gardening!

Ronde de Nice Zucchini
Ronde de Nice zucchini is bustin’ out all over. A French heirloom. If you missed our blog post on recipes for zucchini overload, read this.
Little Potato cucumber
Little Potato cucumber from MIgardener is growing short and stout. Originally from India.
Gelber Englischer custard squash
Gelber Englischer custard squash is setting fruit. Can’t wait to see this one at a more mature stage. Originated in Germany.
Lucid Gem tomato
Lucid Gem tomato shows off its purple shoulders. This seed is from Wild Boar Farms.
Napa Rose tomato
Napa Rosé tomato blushes like its namesake. Also from Wild Boar Farms.
Fuji apples need thinning
Our Fuji apples need thinning down to one per cluster. Originated in Japan.
Mystery tomato
A second year of volunteer mystery tomatoes graced our community garden.
purple beans
Royalty Purple pod bush beans are coming in fast and furious. Developed in New Hampshire.
monarch chrysalis
The Monarch chrysalis has become translucent. Soon the butterfly will emerge. Monarchs are native to North America.
Christy pruning pile
We took out a dying rosemary along with a lot of other spent flowers. We’ll build a compost pile with all of this.

As summer arrives, include fruit and veggies in your garden that come from all over the world. Diversity is the key to our survival! Happy gardening.

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