You are currently viewing Plan Your Abundant Edible Garden Course is HERE!

Plan Your Abundant Edible Garden Course is HERE!

We’re excited to announce that our newest online course, Plan Your Abundant Edible Garden, is ready for you gardenerds. This new course will guide you through the step-by-step process for planning your spring/summer (or fall) garden on paper. It will also help you design and grow your most efficient garden yet.

We’ve packed all our tricks of the trade, and special techniques for small-space gardening into 20 videos, with 13 PDF guides, and tons of other resources, all for you. This is the process Christy uses with her students and clients, and she’s used this method for planning her own gardens for the last 30 years.

Grab Your Seat!

Plan Your Abundant Edible Garden

Doors are open, so head on over to the most affordable course we’ve created yet. Registration is open until March 6th. So grab your seat before it’s too late.

The countdown has started. If you’re still on the fence, join one of our 2 remaining free webinars to learn more about it, and to get a sneak peek inside the course. You’ll find out what you’ll learn every step of the way.

  • Do you wish you were able to get more from your garden?
  • Are you frustrated with small harvests for the money you spend?

Then you’ll want to check out Plan Your Abundant Edible Garden. It really is the heart and soul of all we do here at Gardenerd – giving you the best information to grow food efficiently in a small space for the rest of your gardening days.

A bounty of tomatoes including Michael Pollen (green pear), Roman Candle (yellow roma), Sunrise Bumble Bee (striped cherry), and Green Cherokee (green beefsteak).

We priced this online course affordably so everyone can learn how to grow more food season after season, year after year. And you’ll have lifetime access to the course (in case you don’t have time right now). Our students refer back to the course material for years to come. You can too, if you join in the fun.


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