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New green onions sprouting from the green onion seed head. We've never seen this happen before. Exciting!

Wordless Wednesday: Hot Times

Hot Times! Record breaking temperatures are in the news, and the garden shows it. Keep your garden well-watered and seek shade for sensitive crops. Here’s some inspiration for the week as you try to keep cool.

Classic Signs of Summer’s Hot Times

Russian Queen tomatoes are ripening up beautifully. They are turning out to be very productive in our coastal garden.
Genovese basil is starting to take off now that the weather is warm.
It’s exciting to see the cucumbers fruiting. Even when they are this small, they bring joy!
Butternut squash set fruit right on time. There’s more to come (if we feed the plants right about now).

Other Signs of Life

Our bees are keeping cool by bearding on the outside of the hive. They’ll go back in at night. This photo was taken from the office window. Don’t worry, they have plenty of space inside. We’ve checked.
Our Sieva lima beans are setting fruit. It won’t be long now before we’re enjoying fresh and dried beans.
This corn trick keeps armyworms and corn earworms from burrowing in to each ear. Watch this video to learn more.
Our cilantro is forming seed and the ladybugs are enjoying an aphid snack on the old plants.
Bolted celery seedlings attract beneficial insects. Can you see 4 blurred figures flying through the air around the flowers?
Another dragon fruit is flowering! See the process from start to finish here.
Fuji apples set fruit, reminding us to thin the fruits a little bit (it’s hard to do, but necessary for larger fruits).
Mittens comes out from hiding in the shade to greet us.

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