You are currently viewing YouTube: Why Are My Cucumbers Turning Yellow?

YouTube: Why Are My Cucumbers Turning Yellow?

When gardeners ask, “Why are my cucumbers turning yellow?” twice in one week, we knew it was time for a video on the topic. There are several things that contribute to yellowing cucumbers, and our latest video breaks it down for you.

Cucumbers are relatively easy to grow, but they can be particular when it comes to care. Watch and learn what they need to keep them strong and healthy all season long.

Why Are My Cucumbers Turning Yellow?

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Plenty of tiny cucumbers set fruit shortly after flowering. If not, watch the video to find out why.


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Think ahead: get cucumbers off to a strong start. Here’s how

Some of our favorite cucumbers varieties that aren’t typically green:

Lemon – Yes, those are supposed to ripen yellow (we make a few cents if you use this link)

Miniature White – they mature white

Armenian – elongated light green fruits (we also make a few cents if you use this link)

Poona Kheera – interesting and different, with its russet skin. It looks like a baked potato!

Our Poona Kheera Indian cucumbers look just like the picture said it would!

Keep your cucumbers happy all summer with proper watering and feedings. They will reward you with a bountiful harvest.

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