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YouTube: Protecting and Harvesting Corn

Our latest YouTube video picks up where our first video from 4 years ago about growing corn leaves off. In this video, you’ll learn tricks to protect your corn crop, timing for harvesting corn in the milk stage, and how to harvest. We also give you tips for growing & harvesting popping corn. 

Sweet corn is a summer staple, but if the critters get it first, it’s a summer disappointment. We’re here to help you grow corn from start to finish, and this video is perfect timing. 

Protecting and Harvesting Corn

Christy shows you how to protect and harvest your sweet and popping corn this summer.


Did you miss the first video about planting and growing corn? Watch here. There are also a ton of links to great resources on that post as well.

Need a visual on how to harvest corn? Read this blog post.

You’ll find a little more about harvesting popcorn in this blog post.

sweet corn clothes pin
We clip our sweet corn ears with a clothes pin to keep worms out.

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