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Podcast: Dry-Climate Gardens with Noelle Johnson

Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast, Noelle Johnson, is known as the AZ Plant Lady. She shares her tips for growing a beautiful, lush garden in dry climates, which can be found in her new book, Dry Climate Gardening.

With all the rain in California lately, it may seem like dry-climate gardens are a thing of the past. But if you look at the drought map for the US, nearly half the country is still in some stage of drought. Listen to our conversation for some great ideas to keep up with an ever-changing climate.

Noelle Johnson

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Get Noelle’s book Dry Climate Gardening here.


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Some of the plants mentioned during our conversation:

Valentine Bush – showy color and coverage with resilience built right in

Bluebell ’emu’ – violet flowers that need full sun and deep, infrequent watering

Yellow bells or Yellow elder (Tecoma stans) – lush green tree-like shrub that grows to 10 feet tall with bright yellow or orange flowers

Penstemon eatonii ‘fire cracker’ – bright red/orange flowers, native to inland California

Find more native (to California) plants in this blog post from our Theodore Payne Foundation Tour

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