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Podcast: Summer Tips with Christy

Summer Tips: this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast, it’s change of pace day. Just you and me, gardenerds. In this episode I address a few topics that keep coming up with clients and curious minds alike.

We’ll cover basil downy mildew, volunteers, stink bug management, and corn harvesting tips.

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Basil Downy Mildew

Downy mildew basil
Downy mildew has taken over some basil plants. Time to pull them.

More on Basil Downy Mildew here

Down Mildew Resistant (DMR) varieties of basil (from University of Minnisota) – note: some are hybrids, some are OP:

Rutgers Devotion DMR, Rutgers Obsession DMR, Rutgers Passion DMR, Rutgers Thunderstruck DMR, Amazel, Prospera Compact DMR (good for container production), and Prospera.

Lower disease levels occur in red leaf basil varieties (O. basilicum purpurescens) and in lemon flavored varieties (O. citridorum). Varieties of hoary basil (O. americanum) have also shown resistance to downy mildew.

Genovese basil is the most susceptible.

Also, Eleonora is mentioned as a DMR variety.


volunteer tomato
This volunteer tomato made it through winter and even gave us a few yellow cherries. We added a trellis to keep it going through the season.

Good volunteers: Cilantro, parsley, dill, calendula, marigolds, alyssum, CA poppies. Lettuces, arugula, tomatoes, squash plants.

Not-so-good-volunteers: Love-in-a-Mist, nasturtiums, milkweed.

Stink Bugs

Photo courtesy of

Harlequin beetles and Bagrada Bugs – to read more about the difference, and how to manage them, check out this article.

Corn Tips – Strategy for Picking

Corn harvest
Watch our latest video to find out how our corn protection trick did this summer.

This video shows you the signs to look for when your corn is ready to pick.

We hope you enjoyed this short but sweet podcast with summer tips from Christy. So, implement these tips in your summer garden and you’ll see success.

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