Climate Action Giveaway and

I usually keep my politics to myself, but I was given the opportunity to contribute a prize to the Climate Action Giveaway recently.  So I’m spreading the word.  Here’s the scoop:

Want America to be a Climate Leader?

Need a little added inspiration to get involved?

Make history with us and be entered to win in the World’s Biggest
Green Sweepstakes!  World leaders are meeting in Copenhagen in December to
hopefully come to an international agreement on the world-wide
reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. If America is going to truly
be a leader, our leaders need to hear from us now. So, let’s
realize our power and show that we add up. There will be over 230
winners in the Climate Action Giveaway and each prize will help you
lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Enter to Win today! http://

So – has donated 1 Ultimate Garden Bag and 1 Gardenerd Mug to the cause.  That means you can win this fabulous prize if you enter the sweepstakes.  Here’s a little video about it as well.

I have to say, the T-shirts they are selling on their website are pretty cool too.  I want to get one for gardening:

We Add Up Garden T-shirt, or maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list or something… I don’t know… Mom, are you reading this? Anywho…

Join the cause for cleaner air, cleaner water, and a healthy future for the planet.  You might just win something in addition to saving the world.

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