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Evan and his tomato collection

Podcast: Heirloom Seeds with Evan Gregoire

Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Evan Gregoire of Heirloom Seedhouse. His farm is located in the Pacific Northwest, where he supports over 500 different plant varieties each year.

For the past 20 years, Evan has cultivated culinary gardens for chefs and home gardeners, collaborating to enhance the level of creativity on the farm and in kitchens. We chat about his favorite tomato and pepper varieties and how to save seeds.

Evan at the Heirloom Seedhouse booth at the Heirloom Expo.

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Evan Gregoire’s farm in the Pacific Northwest.


Visit Heirloom Seedhouse here

Check out the seed collection at Heirloom Seedhouse

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If you live in the Pacific Northwest, consider joining his CSA

Some of the varieties mentioned in the podcast: Makah Ozette Potato, Scarlet Starfire tomato, Alice’s Dream, Canestrino.

Good storage tomatoes: Pienollo de Vesuvio, Canne torre, Crispiana.

Agribon – fabric to prevent cross pollination

Some of the Heirloom Seedhouse collection in action.

Want more tomato varieties for next year? Check out our video tour of TomatoMania.

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