You are currently viewing YouTube: TomatoMania Tour 2023
Tomatomania Tour 2023

YouTube: TomatoMania Tour 2023

Our latest YouTube video takes you on a tour of Tomatomania and our tomato seedling picks for 2023. See what’s hot in tomato varieties for the coming season.

Whether you’re growing for flavor, color, or purpose (sauce, anyone?) tomatoes are a must-have in every garden. Our choices for 2023 includes paste, beefsteak, and salad sized tomatoes that will brighten your garden and dinner plate. Check them out and enjoy the ride!

TomatoMania Tour 2023

Take our tour of Tapia Brother’s Farm Stand during our time at TomatoMania on March 24th, 2023

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tomatoes galore
Grow crazy gorgeous tomatoes this spring/summer!


Visit for upcoming events in California

Learn more about the Tomato Of the Year, Melanie’s Ballet Dwarf Tomato here

A few of the other tomatoes mentioned:

Alice’s Dream

Harvard Square

Siberian Giant Pink

Watch our video with 6 Tomato Tips for your Spring Garden

Even if it’s just one Sungold cherry tomato plant, make tomatoes part of your spring/summer garden this year. They’re worth the effort with all the deliciousness they deliver. Waaaaay better than any store-bought tomato can offer. I promise.

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