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Wendi Phan grows edibles in small spaces.

Podcast: Growing in Tiny Spaces with Wendi Phan

Our guest on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Wendi Phan of Gardens of Wendiland. Wendi grows herbs and edible plants in tiny spaces and produces videos to share how she does it with her fans.

There’s a lot to learn about unique plants from Wendi. We had a chance to sit down and chat at the Heirloom Expo in September of 2023.

Wendi Phan grows unique edible plants for her clients. She does that in a tiny space.

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Check out Wendi’s Instagram videos @itswendiland

Resources for Wendi Phan

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Subscriber to her YouTube channel for great advice on growing unique edible plants

Buy plants from her Etsy shop

Some of the plants you can grow in small spaces that were mentioned in our conversation:

Luffa gourd – listen to the podcast for great ideas how to prepare this delicious veggie

Read about our Dragonfruit adventure here

Wendi’s tip – use the Boogie Brew water filter on your plants

Dive into these unique edible plants and add a few to your garden, no matter how much space you have.

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