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Nectarines, plums and other stone fruits await your creative touch this summer.

Think Bare Root

Fall is the time to start thinking about next year's fruit, mainly because bare root fruit trees and cane berries will soon be in stock. Most seed companies and nurseries encourage you to order early for deliveries that start in January, and their supply sells out quickly. So now is the time.

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply has always been my go-to place for bare root fruit trees and  cane berries (no, I don't get any kickbacks for promoting them, I just love these guys). The folks at ...

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Petaluma Seed Bank Field Trip

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company holds a place in the heart of many an organic vegetable gardener. Their gorgeous seed catalogs are the industry standard of "garden-porn", with beautiful pictures of hundreds of varieties many eyes have never seen before.

While away on a writing retreat, I stopped by their West Coast store, the Seed Bank. It is aptly named because it is located inside an old bank. A corner building in the center of town proudly displays Heirloom Seeds in the two-story bank windows. You can't miss it.

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