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Indy Officinalis in the garden.

Podcast: Food and Community with Indy Officinalis

We continue our series of interviews from the Heirloom Expo this week with our guest Indy Officinalis. Indy is a forager, educator, urban farmer, and steward of both her environment and her community.

She’s the host of Nat Geo’s Farm Dreams show, and works to amplify Black and Brown voices in communities with food insecurity. We chat about her work and her new farm that she’s developing.

Indy Officinalis works on urban farms and is the host of Farm Dreams on Nat Geo. Photos courtesy of Indy’s Instagram feed.

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Indy’s show, Farm Dreams on Nat Geo explores the farming community and our food system.

Resources for Indy Officinalis

Follow Indy on Instagram

Visit her website for images of farming, foraging and more.

Check out her LinkTree for additional resources

Want to learn more? Watch this short film about Indy.

Interested in foraging? Listen to this podcast who discusses it further.

Indy forages forests and urban settings for food and medicine.

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