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I Want Those “Heirloom” Tomatoes

When I ask clients “What type of tomatoes do you want to grow?” the answer I expect to hear is “cherry”, “plum”, “paste”, “slicing” or  “beefsteak”. Instead, most often the response is, “Oh, I want to grow those heirloom kind.” … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

It’s harvest time for tomatoes, whether they be determinate or indeterminate. These orbs of delight are the quintessential summer fruit and we’re picking them daily. We planted early this year (quite possibly a mistake since we now have blight…but then … Continue reading

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Green Tip Tuesday: Heirloom Seeds

I had the opportunity to provide a Green Tip for Jeff Davis’s Go Green America TV a short while ago, and today it’s live. It’s part of Jeff’s Green Tip Tuesday series, bringing helpful, environmentally-friendly tidbits to viewers every week. … Continue reading

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Growing Poona Kheera Cucumbers

With Monsanto’s renegade GMO wheat in the news, the importance of growing and preserving heirloom and open pollinated seed is even more evident. Every year we plant and heirloom we’ve never grown, and this year it was the Poona Kheera … Continue reading

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Watermelon in November

Chalk it up to climate change, or just a fluke of nature, but we’re harvesting watermelon in November. Not just any watermelon, Golden Honey watermelon. Our other watermelons grew within the appropriate time frame expected from any hot weather crop, … Continue reading

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Renee’s Garden Seed Picks for 2012

One of the wonderful and often surprising things about being a blogger is that every once in a while companies send you free stuff. They hope
that you’ll review their product and spread the word. Let it be known, if it isn’t already, that I never promote things that I don’t completely believe in, and I don’t get paid to wax rhapsodic
about them.

That said, I was delighted to find …
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