You are currently viewing YouTube: Why Aren’t My Tomatoes Growing?

YouTube: Why Aren’t My Tomatoes Growing?

We get this question all the time: Why Aren’t My Tomatoes Growing? There could be a number of reasons why, and our latest YouTube video explores many of the most common.

If you have stunted growth, flowers dropping, lack of fruit set, or other symptoms on your tomatoes, watch this video to find out why it might be happening. You’ll be able to take steps to remedy the issue and encourage more fruit.

Why Aren’t My Tomatoes Growing?


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tomatoes galore
Grow crazy gorgeous tomatoes this spring/summer!

Don’t let a little tomato trouble get you down. It happens to everyone, even professionals. Keep growing, testing new varieties, and locations until you find what works for you. Then repeat it at least once to prove it wasn’t luck. Keep good notes, and make plans based on what you learned from the previous year. Each year will get better.

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