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Our blackberries are ready to pick these days. Delicious and abundant.

Wordless Wednesday: Spring into Action

In this week’s Wordless Wednesday: it’s been great having more time to garden (between writing two books!), and the garden is showing promise of future rewards. Here’s some inspiration for the week. Plant something!

Monarch crysalis
We discovered a caterpillar in a J a couple weeks ago under a patio table. This Monarch is about to emerge any day now. Plant some native milkweed to support Monarchs this season!
Wordless Wednesday Clary Sage
Clary Sage is blooming. We got our plant from Fig Earth Supply.
Moon and Stars Watermelon
Moon & Stars Watermelons even have stars on the leaves. It makes gardening more interesting to grow heirloom varieties.
Hungarian Heart tomato
Hungarian Heart Tomato sets fruit. It’s an oxheart type great for coastal gardens. One of our takeaways from TomatoMania 2020.
Wordless Wednesday Guajillo pepper
Guajillo chili pepper is growing strong. Another plant from our TomatoMania stash.
Stowell's Everygreen Corn
Stowell’s evergreen corn is starting to get going. It’s planted in with some green onions from last season.
Winter Squash with Cucumbers
Gelber Englischer Custard squash grows next to a cucumber trellis with stinging nettle poking up in between.
Blackberries fruiting
Our blackberries are ready to pick these days. Delicious and abundant. Just wear long sleeves when harvesting.
Fuji apple blossoms
Our Fuji apple tree doesn’t know when to flower and set fruit, but now is one of the times during the year that it does.
Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is interplanted in our mint bed. Plant mints in containers so they don’t take over.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Wordless Wednesday.

Whether you’re just planting cool-season crops or well into your warm/hot season fruiting, the garden helps in more ways that one. It provides a connection to nature, exercise, peace of mind and just plain joy. Grow something today!

Need help getting started, or want to beef up your garden game? Get Gardening for Geeks. It will help you establish a strong foundation for growing great crops, build raised beds, and troubleshoot pest problems.

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