You are currently viewing YouTube: Pinching Basil – How to Do It Right and Why

YouTube: Pinching Basil – How to Do It Right and Why

It’s basil season, and to keep your plants growing strong, you need to employ a key garden task: pinching basil. Most gardening books describe how to pinch basil in a way that isn’t quite accurate, or at least, not the best way to do it. Our latest video breaks down how and why to pinch basil.

Pinching, done right, triggers new growth as well as extends the life of the plant. We’ve seen a lot of new gardeners miss out on the benefits of pinching because they are pruning in a less-than-optimal location on the plant. This new video will set the record straight.

Pinching Basil

More about Basil

This blog post reiterates how to pinch basil properly, if you like to see things in printed form.

Find some of our favorite basil varieties to grow here.

Try something new this summer: purple basil lemonade

Is seed shopping in your future? Check out even more basil varieties at Renee’s Garden Seeds

And of course, pesto.

Late-planted basil is filling in next to tomato plants.

Learn where to prune and you’ll enjoy a longer basil season. Plant loads of varieties (we grow at least 8 each year!) and plant early, mid-season, and late so that you can enjoy fresh basil this summer, make pesto and freeze some to savor this winter.

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