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YouTube: Growing Cilantro and Parsley

As a result of our recent YouTube video about pinching basil, we got a request to do a similar video about growing cilantro and parsley. So we did! Our latest video covers how both of these delicious herbs grow, and how to help keep them from bolting to seed.

Cilantro and parsley both tend (along with arugula, let’s be real) to bolt to seed quickly in hot weather. In this video we share a few strategies to keep them growing longer, and how to manage your expectations about these herbs.

Growing Cilantro and Parsley – How to Keep Them From Bolting to Seed


Here are more tips for growing cilantro and parsley:

Grow these herbs in the fall and early spring – they are COOL SEASON crops.

Seed several times during the growing season – toss seeds into shady patches of your garden and watch them take off.

Let them go to seed – these babies will re-seed themselves year after year is you let the garden get messy. And the flowers will attract beneficial insects to help combat bad bugs. Win-win!

Freeze cilantro in oil for laterthis trick makes it possible to have fresh cilantro flavor when the herb isn’t growing fresh in the garden.

Cilantro in a pot has a better chance of surviving the hot summer if it gets a little bit of shade throughout the day.
Wordless Wednesday swallowtail caterpillar
Swallowtail caterpillar on curly parsley. They love it!

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