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YouTube: Perennial Crops for Your Self-Reliance Garden

Our latest YouTube video explores perennial crops that fill in the gaps in your garden year after year. Perennial crops offer durability and consistency amid the cycle of annual, seasonal crops.  No self-reliance garden should be without them.

There are a lot of obscure perennial crops out there, but we stick with the fruits and veggies you probably care about the most. Check these out and add a few to your garden where you have room.

Perennial Crops for Your Self-Reliance Garden

Perennial crops are an investment in your future. Take the steps to ensure future growth of your garden and you won’t regret it.


Growing Artichokes from SeedIf you want to start from scratch, you can. Here’s a guide to grow artichokes from seed if plants aren’t available.

Propagating Tree Kale tree kale grows from cuttings. We shot a YouTube video testing different techniques to see which works best.

Planting Asparagus Crownsasparagus is best grown from bare root crowns. This blog post guides you through.

Planting Bare Root Strawberries If you don’t have access to bare root, you can still use this video as a guide to plant strawberry plants in soil.

Cane Berry CareBlackberries, raspberries, boysenberries – they all need to be corralled so they don’t grow out of control. Here’s a helpful post about how to care for your cane berries. You can also watch this video on end of season clean up.

Planting fruit trees Learn the basics on how to plant a fruit tree. Also, listen to this podcast with arborist Darren Butler, who shares his best tips for successful fruit tree growing.

Pick one or two of these and get growing! In a year or so, you’ll be glad you made the investment in your future.

Purple Artichokes
Artichokes are one of many perennial crops you can grow in your self-reliance garden.

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